British HMS Defender becomes the first ‘target’ of a new Russian fighter jet

The Russian ‘Rostec’ Corporation has published an image on its official Facebook of a part of the fuselage of a fighter jet, which, presumably, will be demonstrated at the 2021 International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-21).
new Russian fighter jet
From the published photo we can conclude that the first ‘target’ of the fundamentally new Russian fighter aircraft was a warship, similar in outline to the British missile destroyer HMS Defender.

Experts explained that the photo most likely depicts the mirror panels of the new type of optical-locating station, which is located under the fuselage of the aircraft.

It is on these panels, where the foreign warship is “illuminated”. Its outline resembles that of the British Navy Type 45 destroyers, to which Defender belongs.

Such equipment is usually used for guidance by aircraft for strikes on land and sea targets.

About the new aircraft itself not much is known yet. It is possible to find out from open sources that the plane, which ‘Rostec’ is planning to demonstrate at MAKS-21, is a single-engine fighter – an analogue of the American F-35 Lightning II.