British long-time resident Joan Hocquard died

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The oldest resident of Great Britain, Joan Hocquard, died at the age of 112, Sky News reported citing the 74-year-old nephew of the woman Paul Reynolds.

According to him, Hawkkard died in her home in Poole, Dorset, England.

Reynolds noted that his aunt, who was born in 1908, during the reign of King Edward VII, survived two world wars and drove ambulances in London during World War II. She was a strong-willed, hospitable and devoted person, often telling stories about how naughty she was at school.

According to his niece, his aunt had no secret of longevity; she always strived to live a full life. “I think she just had good genes,” he said.

On March 29 Hocquard celebrated her birthday with the world’s oldest man, Bob Wayton. He died at the age of 112 in May.

After Joan Hocquard died, the oldest woman in Britain was 111-year-old Lillian Priest. The oldest living person in the world is Japanese Kane Tanaka, she is 117 years old.

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