British politician resigned after accusations of violating restrictive measures

The leader of the Conservative Party in the Welsh Parliament Paul Davies resigned after accusations of violating restrictive measures against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was reported on Saturday, January 23, the TV channel BBC.

“I sincerely regret my actions on December 8 and 9 (2020. – Ed.). They undermined the trust and respect I have earned over 14 years in the Welsh Parliament by my colleagues, the Conservative Party and, most importantly, the people of Wales <...> I simply cannot go on,” the politician said.

As noted by the channel, in early December last year, four members of parliament in Wales visited the bar of the Welsh government building Senedd (Senedd) in Cardiff. This came a few days after the start of the ban on the sale of alcohol in catering establishments.

According to Davis, even though he and his colleagues were drinking at the bar, those involved in the incident maintained a social distance. He added that reports of “drunk and disorderly behavior” by politicians were not true.

“We didn’t need to be escorted out of the building as some reports have suggested <...> What we did was drink some alcohol with the food we heated in the microwave, which was a couple of glasses of wine on Tuesday (December 8. – Ed.) and a beer on Wednesday (December 9. – Ed.). I did not violate the present rules of COVID-19,” summed up the politician.

Conservative Party of Wales chairman Glyn Davies said that the party would be looking for a successor as Davies left.

On the eve of January 22, a court in the German city of Weimar acquitted the man of violating coronavirus restrictions, and in the verdict called the quarantine measures “a disastrous wrong decision.”