British schoolboy found “a hole leading to the center of the Earth” on Google maps

12-year-old from the UK found an oddity on Google Maps, which, he is convinced, is a “hole leading to the center of the Earth. As writes the Liverpool Echo, the discovery belongs to a schoolboy named Rory Chapman.

The schoolboy told reporters that he used the Google mapping service to find locations for family outings. At some point Chapman noticed the islands of Hilbre, located between England and Wales. The teen spotted a marker on one of the islands with a tourist attraction called “The Hole Leading to the Center of the Earth.”

Yes, the boy discovered just a marker placed by someone, not a satellite image with a huge hole in the depths of the planet, as one might assume. Nevertheless, Chapman became interested in the find and did a little investigating, which, however, led nowhere.

“I thought that the island had really dug a huge hole toward the center of the Earth, and the thought completely captivated me! I asked my father if it could be, but he couldn’t answer me in any meaningful way,” the boy admitted.

Chapman shared his discovery with Facebook users, who were also interested in the strange Google map sign. However, the sign quickly disappeared, but that did not stop people from having a discussion about the hole to the center of the planet.