British scientist proved that King Solomon financed the voyages of the Phoenicians

British archaeologist Sean Kingsley, who specializes in finding traces of human history in the seas, was able to find evidence that the Biblical King Solomon funded the voyages of the Allies. The Guardian writes about the scientist’s work.

Dr. Sean Kingsley over several years, meticulously sought evidence that King Solomon, much of the information about which is drawn from the Bible, was in fact a very wise ruler. For example, he was one of the first monarchs in the world to become a financial shipping magnate, investing money in equipping the Phoenicians, who were his allies at the time.

The Briton devoted more than a decade to studying this assumption. He collected evidence of Solomon’s sponsorship, in addition to the Holy Land, on the other side of the Mediterranean, in present-day Spain and Sardinia. And he was fortunate to find archaeological artifacts proving a mutually beneficial alliance between the wise King Solomon and the Phoenician ruler Hiram. It was Hiram, as we know, who supplied Solomon with cedar wood and gold to build his palaces.