British scientists reveal details of the American landing on the Moon

Many people doubt that American astronaut Neil Armstrong planted the US flag on the Moon, but British scientists have dispelled such doubts. Researchers, according to the Daily Express, proved that the flag could have fluttered even in the absence of an atmosphere.

Around the American flights to the moon, there are many myths – for example, it is believed that the U.S. astronauts have never been on the surface of our natural satellite, and all the photo and video materials, which should prove the contrary, were made on Earth. It is even said that the filming of the “Americans landing on the Moon” was directed by Hollywood director Stanley Kubrick.

A separate category of skeptics are people who have noticed the strange waving of the American flag on the moon. If there is no atmosphere on the Moon, then why does the flag behave as if there is one? That’s the question the British researchers tried to figure out.

“The piece of fabric looks like it’s fluttering in the air. But there is no air on the moon! Then how is it possible? We found that this behavior of the flag could indeed take place under certain conditions. When the U.S. astronauts were setting up the U.S. flag on the lunar surface, they moved it back and forth to better anchor it in the ground. The flag swayed like a pendulum and this made it possible to photograph it as if it were waving in the wind,” the scientists noted.