British soldiers mocked Ukraine at Sea Breeze exercises

British soldiers taking part in the Sea Breeze 2021 exercise in Ukraine complained about the meager menu. One of the soldiers shared his opinion on his Instagram page.

The picture he posted shows that the Ukrainian side serves some buckwheat, a slice of tomato, a cucumber and one sausage to the table.

“Welcome to Sea Breeze, here’s your standard breakfast for a NATO guest. We have a fine selection of the same drink we’ve had for the last three meals, followed by some plain buckwheat grits and sausage with a side of sliced cucumber and two slices of tomato,” wrote the military man.

Commenters expressed sympathy to the soldier and wished him a pleasant appetite. One user jokingly offered to send him the sauce.

In the waters of the Black Sea on Monday began the annual U.S.-Ukrainian naval exercises Sea Breeze – 2021. Their participants will practice combat operations at sea, on land and in the air, including amphibious landings, anti-submarine and anti-aircraft warfare.

Multinational military exercises Sea Breeze have been conducted on the territory of Ukraine since 1997. As part of the exercise, the first of the countries provides military and civilian infrastructure of the Black Sea coast, while the second supports the exercise financially and provides assistance in equipment and machinery.