British Supreme Court declared Guaydo president of Venezuela

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The Supreme Court of Great Britain recognized the oppositionist Juan Guaydo as Venezuelan President in a lawsuit over $930 million in gold bullions held by the Bank of England.

Judge Nigel Teer ruled that the United Kingdom recognized Guaydo as president of Venezuela, based on the so-called doctrine of one vote, in which the court must adopt the position of the British government to recognize the leader of a foreign country.

“The judiciary and the executive must speak with one voice. There can be no two presidents of Venezuela,” said Tyre.

Guaydo lawyers said that the Central Bank of Venezuela wants to sell the gold and spend the money to restore the country from the coronavirus.

Saros Zaiwalla, one of the lawyers representing the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said they would seek an appeal against the decision. Team Guaydo believes that Maduro wants to use gold to pay off his foreign allies, but his lawyers deny the statement.

At present, Guaydo’s lawyers expect the court to authorize him to represent the Central Bank of Venezuela in another case to decide on control of the gold itself.