Britney Spears’ boyfriend causes car accident

Sam Asgari, 27, was involved in a car accident near his lover’s house in Towsand Oaks, California. After the incident, in which fortunately no one was injured, Britney Spears’ boyfriend honestly admitted that the accident was his fault and that the first thing he did was rush to see if the other driver was okay.

“Guys, when situations like this happen, always think it prevented more serious trouble,” Sam noted in an Instagram post. – Think good thoughts and just enjoy life. If you’re okay and the other person is okay, you’re fine. No need to ruin your day over it.”

During her high-profile court appearance, Britney complained that she was not allowed to ride in the car with Sam when he was behind the wheel. The rules were set by the singer’s guardians, who have been led by her father for 13 years. It seems Jamie Spears had good reason not to trust her potential son-in-law.

However, the pop star herself is free to move around the city. The other day Spears was spotted driving her car and the paparazzi were able to capture a ring very similar to an engagement ring. In court, Britney said that her father wouldn’t let her get married or think about having kids, but perhaps now that the star has hope for freedom, she could go against Jamie?