Britney Spears fans demand custody reform in the U.S.

Fans of American pop singer Britney Spears marched through the streets of U.S. cities demanding that the U.S. Congress reform the country’s custody system. By doing so, they expressed support for the performer in her efforts to have her father James Spears stripped of custody and control over her finances.

The marches took place in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and other cities in the United States, as well as abroad.

Britney, 39, herself, is vacationing on a ranch at the time. She warmly thanked her fans on Instagram for such powerful support.

On July 10, it was revealed that the singer had contacted another major law firm to find a lawyer to release her father, James Spears, from custody.

According to TMZ, Spears wants to hire former federal prosecutor Matthew Rosengart as her defense attorney in court. He has represented a number of high-profile clients over the years, including Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn and Ben and Casey Affleck. Rosengart and his team have not yet officially agreed to represent Britney.

It is noted that Sam Ingham, Britney Spears’ former attorney, stopped representing the singer after a court dismissed her custody claim against her father.

On June 23, the 39-year-old artist appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court via video link to call for an end to her father James Spears’ custody of her. The singer told the court that she has been subjected to numerous psychiatric examinations and treatments and that her father has traumatized her with his control. According to the artist, her parent punished her for refusing to comply with his demands, which made her feel “enslaved.”

On July 1, a court in Los Angeles denied the American pop singer’s petition to remove her father from controlling the performer’s multimillion-dollar fortune.

James Spears has had 13 years of control over his daughter’s personal life, finances and career. He was appointed Britney Spears’ guardian in 2008 after she was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown.

In 2020, a court in Los Angeles twice, in August and November, dismissed the singer’s lawsuit seeking to strip her father of his custodial role. As a protest against the decision, she refused to continue her concert activities while her father managed her affairs.