Britney Spears’ housekeeper accused her of beating her

American singer Britney Spears is under investigation for assaulting one of her housekeepers. It was reported on Thursday, August 19th, by the newspaper USA Today, citing a source in law enforcement.

Ventura County Officer Eric Bushaw clarified that on August 16, Spears became involved in an argument with a hired housekeeper who was employed at the artist’s Southern California home. The victim explained that the argument was caused by a dog.

The woman said that she took the celebrity’s pet to the vet and upon her return from the doctor told Spears that the animal was being mishandled. However, the singer allegedly snatched the phone from the housekeeper’s hands and hit her during the argument.

Police officers arrived on the scene. No serious injuries were recorded. The incident itself was classified as a misdemeanor.

That said, Spears’ attorney Matthew Rosengart said the investigation was “overblown, obviously fabricated another fodder for the tabloids.”

Despite this, law enforcement will continue to investigate. The case is then scheduled to go to the prosecutor’s office, where Spears’ charges will be made.

Earlier in April 2019, the singer was admitted to a mental health facility. She was declared incompetent back in 2007 after a severe nervous breakdown due to a divorce. Later, the performer tried to reassure her fans and asked not to believe everything the media write.