Britney Spears’ little sister was caught cheating with the pop star’s money

Jamie-Lynn Spears has been repeatedly attacked online for not giving proper support to her older sister, who has been under her father’s tight control for years. In her defense, the 30-year-old actress claimed she had nothing to do with either Britney’s custody or her multi-million dollar fortune, which is considered a major stumbling block in the Spears family.

The Sun insiders revealed that Jamie-Lynn’s luxury condominium in Destin, Florida, was purchased for a million dollars through a Britney trust, which has been partially managed by the girls’ father Jamie Spears since 2008. According to documents, the property belongs to the 39-year-old singer, but her younger sister lives there. In past interviews, Jamie-Lynn has referred to the house as her property.

It was previously reported that the Spears clan lives off Britney except for her sister. The singer’s father receives $16,000 a month as her guardian and covers all legal expenses from her estimated $60 million fortune. How much Britney’s mother and brother earn is unknown. Jamie-Lynn confirmed on Instagram that she is not profiting at her sister’s expense and asked that she leave her “broke ass” alone.

Britney Spears has previously publicly said everything she thinks about the people who ostensibly support her in public now, but have done nothing to help her in her most difficult times. Although the performer didn’t name names, the network quickly figured out that she was talking about her younger sister. The star later even mocked Jamie-Lynn’s post calling for peace.