Britons ignored Boris Johnson’s call for self-isolation

British citizens decided to go to the beaches and picnics at the weekend, ignoring calls from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other politicians to stay home. This was reported on Sunday, April 5, TV channel Sky News.

It is noted that this weekend the weather in the country was clear and the temperature rose to 21 degrees. 3 thousand Britons decided to walk in the parks of London, and in the city of Tynemouth on the east coast of the country surfers went to the beaches.

At the same time, the media stressed that people kept the distance, but it is still a violation of the British government regulations, according to which you can go out only at work, in a pharmacy, for food or in the clinic.

According to Worldometer, there are currently 41,903 cases of coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom, of which 4313 have died and 135 have recovered.

On 27 March, 55-year-old Boris Johnson was diagnosed with coronavirus. He said he had mild symptoms, so he continued working out of self-isolation. At the same time, April 3, Prime Minister said that he still had one of the symptoms of the disease – fever.