Buckingham Palace furious over Prince Harry’s harsh remarks about Prince Charles

The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex once again opened up about family problems, making his father look bad. On Dex Shepard’s podcast, Prince Harry talked about mental health issues, “secret” meetings with Meghan Markle and when he got the urge to give up royal obligations. Most unhappy in London were the duke’s harsh remarks about Prince Charles and his methods of raising his sons after the death of Princess Diana.

“I don’t think you have to point fingers or blame anyone … But if I have suffered pain and suffering because of what my father experienced, then I need to break the cycle so it doesn’t happen again. Too much suffering is inherited, so we as parents have to do everything we can to stop it… And here I am – moving my family to the United States. It wasn’t in our plans, but sometimes you have to put family and mental health first,” Harry noted.

Officially, the royal family had no comment on the prince’s new interview, but Daily Mail insiders assured that Buckingham Palace has met his latest revelations coldly. “They seem to be building a career by talking about their past. It’s useless. Nothing is ever their own fault,” the tabloid quoted its source as saying.