Bundestag deputy calls anti-Russian sanctions a shot in the knee

The result of the sanctions imposed by Germany against Russia is not at all what was originally intended, and they can be compared to a shot in the knee. This was stated by Bundestag deputy from the “Alternative for Germany” faction Waldemar Gerdt on December 10.

“It was a shot in the knee. Breaking off relations with a neighbor with whom it is necessary to develop them, to trade, to cooperate, was the stupidest decision,” he said in .

According to Gerdt, sanctions should be lifted, especially in the context of a pandemic coronavirus. In these circumstances, it is important to get rid of “what stands in the way of recovery, unification and cooperation.

Earlier, on December 9, the head of the Crimean parliamentary committee on people’s diplomacy and interethnic relations Yuri Hempel called the failure of the sanctions policy of Western countries against Russia inevitable and called on Germany to “wake up.”

On December 8, German MPs arrived in Moscow on a visit. During a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Armin-Paulus Humpel, speaker of the Alternative for Germany foreign policy faction, said that the policy of sanctions against Russia has failed and the German government must recognize this.

Hampel stressed that as a result of the wrong sanctions policy of the German government, both countries suffered and “not least the German economy.”

Earlier, on December 7, it became known that the leaders of the EU member states at the summit on December 10-11 will extend economic sanctions against Russia for six months. Previously imposed sanctions against Russia will expire on January 31, 2021.