Burning and looting start during protests in the Netherlands

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Protests raged in the Netherlands for the second night in a row. Residents’ discontent is caused by the extension of the quarantine and related restrictions, the Dutch Broadcasting Corporation reported Tuesday, January 26.

The channel published a video from an eyewitness, showing a protester setting something on fire in the middle of the road. In addition, looting has begun in the country, with criminals looting stores at night.

Also, according to the channel, in many cities in the country, including Rotterdam, there are clashes between protesters and police officers. In Eindhoven, protesters threw stones at police officers.

According to the latest data, at least 151 people were detained.

On January 24, it was reported that the Dutch police used water cannons to disperse demonstrations in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, which take place against the government-imposed measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The discontent is related to the government-imposed measures against the spread of the coronavirus. On January 12, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the extension of the nationwide lockdown until February 9.

An almost complete lockdown in the Netherlands was imposed on December 15. Stores, with the exception of grocery stores, are not open in the country.

Also the ban on activities affected restaurants, cafes, museums, theaters, amusement parks, zoos, casinos, saunas, swimming pools, gyms and beauty salons. In addition, all educational institutions were switched to remote mode of operation.