Cadillac Escalade will be turned into a mobile office

California company Lexani Motorcars, engaged in the conversion of production cars into luxury “cabins” on wheels, showed the first images of mobile office based on the new Cadillac Escalade. Judging by previous works, the length of the off-road vehicle may be about six and a half meters, and the price will vary from $250 to $450 thousand, reports Motor.

As a rule, Lexani builds limousines on the basis of stretched modifications. Officially, Cadillac Escalade ESV of the next generation has not yet been presented, but the dimensions of the machine are already known: length, width, height and wheelbase are 5766, 2059, 1942 and 3407 millimeters respectively. The new off-road vehicle is 384 millimeters longer than the usual version and 69 millimeters longer than its predecessor. The wheelbase added 105 millimeters.

Lexani mobile office on the basis of the previous “Escalade” was 762 millimeters longer than the usual car. Four leather seats, a separate air conditioning system and a video communication unit were installed in the back of the limousine cabin. In addition, the equipment included a 48-inch curved screen TV, iPad Pro tablets with magnetic charging, Mac Mini computer, Sony Playstation 4 game console, fridge for champagne, glass holders and a ceiling with a starry sky.