Caluan Ematt from “Star Wars” died of the coronavirus

In Britain, from the coronavirus died actor Andrew Jack, known for the role of Major Kaluan Ematt in the movie epic “Star Wars”, reports Evening Standard.

According to the publication agent actor Jill McCullough, Jack was hospitalized at St. Peter’s in Chertsey and died on the morning of March 31 at the age of 76 years from COVID-19.

According to McCullough, the actor’s wife at this time is in Australia under quarantine, which prevented her husband from saying goodbye.

Andrew Jack played in two episodes of “Star Wars” – “Awakening Power” and “The Last Jedi. Also known as the teacher of stage speech. It was he who taught the “elven” actors in the trilogy “Lord of the Rings.”

By March 31 in the UK confirmed more than 25 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, almost 2 thousand people died.