Campaign against “racist” brands is gaining momentum in the U.S.

The campaign against “racist” brands is gaining momentum in the USA. It’s sometimes difficult to understand why this logo is a complaint. But Americans are trying very hard to come up with explanations. Mars said it’s changing the Uncle Ben’s logo. Since 1946, the basis of the brand is African American in a butterfly.

The image was considered a reference to the image of the slave “Uncle Tom” from the famous novel by Harriet Beecher Stow, which formed the basis for all American stereotypes about black people.

The lineup of the giant PepsiCo also found something questionable. The Aunt Jemima breakfast brand has been around for 130 years. In 2020, it turned out that the “aunt” was agitating for slavery. The face of a black woman on a food box is nostalgic for the cook.

The publication Business Insider made a whole rating of racist brands. The list includes: a lady with bananas Chiquita, an Indian with the coat of arms of Chief Blackjack, 6 logos Washington Redskins, Cream of Wheat porridge. The war on brands is just the tip of the iceberg. The White House has returned to the idea of renaming military bases. Some of the sites are named after the heroes of the slave-holding south.