Canada will oblige those wishing to enter the country to pass the COVID-19 test

Canadian authorities on January 7 will require people arriving in the country to be tested for coronavirus. It was announced Tuesday, January 5, by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.

“Starting Thursday (Jan. 7 – Ed.), those who want to come to Canada will have to provide a negative test for coronavirus before boarding a plane,” the head of state said.

Trudeau noted that those arriving will also have to make a plan to comply with a mandatory two-week quarantine.

In addition, he urged Canadian citizens not to leave the country without good reason if possible.

In mid-December, Trudeau predicted that the coronavirus pandemic will end in 2021, writes

In early December, Health Canada approved the use of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech in the country. It is noted that the vaccine has temporary approvals “for import, advertising and sale.