Cardi B gives $1,000 per hour to “those who really need it.”

Cardi B has decided to give $1,000 every hour to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Many of you are struggling to pay your bills, feed your families, meet your basic needs,” she said on Instagram this week. Cardi B will stop when she has spent $1 million. She wants to make sure her money goes directly to those who need it.

“Sometimes you give money to charities and you wonder if it’s really going to people. So we’re going to make sure it does,” she says. Cardi B will review the applications received on Fashion Nova’s website. “Make sure your Instagram is public because I’m going to make sure you really need it. Don’t lie so you can lend money to your boyfriend,” she says.

Cardi B is grateful to have so many people supporting her on a daily basis. “It’s time for us to support you. Don’t be shy”