Cat in Ukraine survived after half an hour of washing in a washing machine

In the city of Dnepr in Ukraine, a cat named Brosha spent half an hour in a running washing machine and survived. This was reported on January 7 in a local veterinary clinic “Na Rabochaya”.

According to veterinarians, Brosha often sleeps in the drum of a washing machine, but on that day it also had a dog bed that needed washing.

“Extra comfort,” Brocha must have thought, and went to sleep in the nook. The cot turned out to be gray, just like the kitty itself. Because of this, the cat’s owner did not notice the cat and started the “washing machine,” they wrote on the page of the medical institution in Facebook.

According to the clinic staff, the cat was in the washing machine for about 30 minutes before the owners heard his cries.

“Imagine the shock and horror when you realize that for such a long time, along with the lay, the cat was also washed. Surprisingly, when the machine was opened, the cat ran out and tried to escape. He was caught, dried and immediately brought to the vet,” the medics explained.

According to the clinic staff, examination of the animal revealed a low temperature and wheezing in the lungs. His eyes could not open because of the powder and his breath smelled strongly of detergents.

The veterinarians gave Brosha the necessary therapy, his tests were normal, and the cat soon went home. Now, according to specialists, the animal is feeling well: actively running and jumping around the house, eating with pleasure.

“This is not the first time we have encountered such a case, but Brosha is very lucky. Cats have nine lives for a reason,” the veterinary clinic added.

A similar story happened in 2020 in Australia. The cat survived 12 minutes of washing with hot water and detergents. It wasn’t possible to get the animal out immediately, as the machine took about two minutes to drain the water, squeeze the laundry and stop the wash.