Catalonian authorities will discuss filing a suit against King Juan Carlos

Catalonia will consider filing a lawsuit against the former head of Spain, King Juan Carlos, on suspicion of corruption. This was reported on Sunday, July 19, the press office of the President of the General.

“The President of the Generalité Kim Torr in connection with the news of the former king in recent weeks ordered to consider filing a lawsuit against Juan Carlos de Bourbon, Corinna Saint-Wittgenstein-Sain and all those who <...> helped, contributed to corrupt practices <...> which allegedly involved the former head of the Spanish state and his entourage,” the statement said.

Torra said that everyone is equal before the law and for corruption must be punished regardless of who is involved. Perpetrators, he said, should be subject to criminal or civil liability.

He added that the civil liability should be incurred directly by the perpetrators and “in addition, the Royal House, which is a separate legal entity.

In early June, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Spanish Supreme Court opened an investigation against Juan Carlos because of contracts for the construction of a high-speed railway in Saudi Arabia between Mecca and Medina. The investigation is trying to establish the facts of corruption in this transaction.

In addition, in March, it became known that the Geneva prosecutor’s office is investigating the origin of the €65 million that Juan Carlos gave to his ex-mistress Corinna Saint-Wittgenstein-Sain.