Cave with thousands of years old cave paintings sold in the U.S.

“Picture Cave” in the state of Missouri in North America with cave paintings over 1000 years old sold at auction. The bidder, who wished to remain anonymous, bought the object along with the surrounding forest for $2.2 million, reported the Guardian newspaper on September 15.

Representatives of the Osage Indian tribe were disappointed in the auction because they had hoped to buy the land and “protect and preserve their most sacred place.” The cave had been used for hundreds of years for rituals and burials of the dead.

More than 290 prehistoric drawings of people, animals, mythical creatures and hieroglyphic symbols, more than 1,000 years old, have survived on the walls of the cave. Charred plant material was used for the drawings. And for one depiction of a mythical creature, the artist created a white figure from brown sandstone.

Earlier that day, Bruun Rasmussen, Scandinavia’s largest auction house, put up for a future auction an audio cassette featuring an interview with John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono. The recording also features the musician performing an unreleased song Radio Peace. The 33-minute recording dates back to December 1969. On it, the artist talks about friendship, his vision of the world and separation of generations.

Also on September 15, it became known that one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s triangles will be the main lot at an online auction at Sotheby’s, entitled “Influence on Art: Napoleon”. Napoleon used this triangle during his 1807 military campaign and also wore it when he met the Russian Emperor Alexander I at Tilsit. Experts estimated that the headdress would bring its current owner at least €600,000.