CBSN News Live Streaming

CBSN TV company (Christian Broadcasting Network) — one of the world’s largest telebroadcasting corporations. As of 2008 CBN conducts broadcasting in 180 countries in 71 languages. The headquarters is located in Virginia the Scourge, the State of Virginia. It is founded in 1960 by the famous American political and religious figure Pet Robertson in 1961.

The CBN Cable Network TV channel founded by Robertson in 1988 has been renamed into CBN Family Channel, and then — into Family Channel. Robertson has been forced to bring Family Channel out of the structure of CBN not to break the status of non-profit organization after the TV channel began to make big profit. He has founded the International Family Entertainment Inc company. in 1991 with Family Channel as the main shareholder. In 1997 he has sold News Corporation channel which has changed his name to Fox Family. The agreement that on the channel there will be twice a day Robertson’s TV program “Club 700” (The 700 Club) was a condition of the transaction. Now the Disney corporation owns the channel, his name is changed to ABC Family.

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