Charite clinic denied the information from Spiegel’s publication about Navalny

German clinic “Charite”, where now the blogger Alexey Navalny is, commented on the article of the German edition Spiegel that the specialists treating the opposition appealed to the laboratories, which in 2018 installed the substance that poisoned Julia and Sergey Skrypal.

“We will inform the public if there are new data, and we ask you to understand that we do not comment on guesswork and speculation,” the TV channel quotes the clinic representatives.

According to Spiegel, Navalny’s attending physicians have previously contacted the Bundeswehr toxicology laboratory and Porton Down British laboratory, which, according to the publication, installed the substance “Beginner”, which poisoned the Violin.

Earlier on Friday, Charité reported that the opposition leader’s condition remained stable and that his symptoms were gradually disappearing. At the same time, the patient is still in a coma and is connected to an artificial lung ventilation device.

On August 24, the clinic said that the data of Navalny’s clinical examination indicated intoxication with a substance from a group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The specific poisoning substance is still unknown, but its effect on the body has allegedly been “proved several times”. The patient is treated with the antidote atropine.