Charles Fries, producer of the Spider-Man series, dies at age 93

Charles Fries, the producer and executive who had been called “the godfather of the TV movie,” died in the United States at age 93. It was reported April 24 by The Hollywood Reporter, citing Fries’ family.

Information on the cause of death was not given.

In 1974, Fries founded Charles Fries Productions, which later became Fries Entertainment. By some estimates, he and his company have directed or produced more than 275 hours of television movies, mini-series and television series.

Fries had his greatest influence on television series between 1968 and 1993. His projects include the late 1970s “New Spider-Man” series; the 1980 Ray Bradbury book mini-series “The Martian Chronicles,” starring Rock Hudson; 1981’s “Bitter Harvest,” starring Ron Howard and Art Carney; and 1989’s “Little Victims,” starring Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neill.

For the big screen, Fries produced Cat People and Fringe.