Charlie Hebdo put a caricature of Erdogan on the cover

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French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has placed on a cover of new issue a caricature on the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On October 27, the magazine’s announcement appeared on Twitter.

The caricature depicts Erdogan in his underwear lifting the hem of a certain woman’s veil. The signature to the picture says “Erdogan in his personal life is very playful”.

The publication is dedicated to the strained relations between Turkey and France because of the disputes about Islam.

Thus, on October 16 a man beheaded a history teacher of Samuel Pati College of Conflant-Honorin. One of the reasons of this event is the demonstration of caricatures of prophet Mohammed by the teacher during the discussion of freedom of speech at lectures.

After the incident, French President Emmanuelle Macron suggested tightening control over the financing of mosques, as well as creating an organization that would allow the construction of “enlightened Islam.

This caused discontent in Turkey and several other Muslim countries. Erdogan urged Makron to “treat the psyche” and citizens to give up French goods.

So far, Paris has recalled its ambassador from Turkey for consultations.