Charlotte Gainsbourg made a film about her mother Jane Birkin

The first trailer for Jane by Charlotte, a documentary about Jane Birkin directed by the daughter of the famous actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, has been released.

The film will be shown at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The wide release date is not yet known.

In the film, Gainsbourg has tried to portray Birkin as a mother, a wife and an artist. In an interview for Hollywood Reporter, she admitted that filming was an “excuse” to get closer to her mother and a kind of “declaration of love.”

“The idea of getting a crew together and making a movie about her [Birkin] was an excuse to look at her through her daughter’s eyes.” Charlotte Gainsbourg

This project is the directorial debut of Gainsbourg, who is primarily known as a singer and actress. In her work, she promises to show a different, unknown side of Birkin.

“Everyone has her image from the 1970s in their mind. I don’t need that beautiful but stereotypical image – I need her today. I don’t really care how others see her, what they know about her. This project is very, very selfish. It was made for my own pleasure.” Charlotte Gainsbourg

In an interview, Gainsbourg revealed that she plans to open a museum apartment for her father, Serge Gainsbourg. She is not going to change anything in the house and wants to keep it as it was before the death of the poet in 1991.