Chef Gordon Ramsay told how he cooked for Putin

British chef and TV presenter Gordon Ramsay said he once cooked dinner for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It happened when I was invited to Downing Street during a meeting between [former British Prime Minister] Tony Blair and President Putin. I almost died of fright,” he admitted on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Ramsay stressed that he was more worried about the quality of the food than usual.

“It was an incredible experience. There you are saying hello, standing next to them (Putin and Blair – Ed.), they ask you questions about asparagus,” Ramsay recalled.

The chef recalled that on that evening, the Russian leader was served tomato consommé with golden caviar of beluga albino, appetizers of chicken and pork knuckle, fried sea bass fillet on a bed of crushed young potatoes and white asparagus with a red wine sauce, and traditional British molasses pie, The Mirror reported on January 9.

Vladimir Putin and Anthony Blair met during the Russian leader’s visit to Britain in 2000.