China and Oregon donated more than 1,000 lung ventilators to New York

More than 3,500 people have become victims of the coronavirus in New York State.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday that the state will receive more than 1,000 lung ventilators from China and Oregon, located in the northwestern United States. New York City authorities continue to look for the machines that are needed to treat patients infected with coronavirus.

The number of Americans infected with COVID-19 has exceeded one quarter of a million, of which more than 7000 people have died. Over 3,500 deaths are registered in the state of New York. Cuomo said the ventilators from China are due to arrive on Saturday.

“This is a big event and it’s going to be a big deal for us,” Cuomo said, adding that Oregon also sent 140 units to New York. Cuomo is also looking for lung ventilators within the state, issuing an order requiring even private hospitals in the state to hand over units to the medical facilities that need them most.

“I want this to be over,” said Cuomo. “It’s only been 30 days since the first case [of infection] and it looks like a lifetime.