China has banned the construction of buildings higher than 500 meters

Projects of buildings above 500 meters will no longer be approved in China, the National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC) said, reports July 7 Hong Kong edition of The South China Morning Post.

Although China is home to about half of the world’s tallest buildings, authorities have concluded that the trend is rather harmful and leads to a threat to building safety as well as too many offices.

According to NDRC orders, the number of new buildings taller than 250 meters must be limited, and those over 100 meters in height must be scaled accordingly and have easy access for firefighters in case of fire.

This may have been caused by an incident in May when a 350-meter skyscraper in Shenzhen in southern China had to be evacuated because it swayed threateningly for some unknown reason, perhaps because of wind, fluctuations caused by subway trains, or temperature fluctuations.