China is rumored to release a new virus at the end of summer

According to disgraced Chinese billionaire Miles Guo there is a new Chinese virus that will be delivered by the Chinese Communist Party to the United States very soon.

During a recent TruNews broadcast, host Rick Wiles shared a clip in which Miles talks about what he says is an impending attack on the United States that will be used to deliver a final death blow to the country.

“Based on the true history and civilization of the Chinese people, we are here giving the West the message that we are all human,” Miles said in the clip, explaining that ordinary Chinese are not the real enemy, but rather the CCP.

“We are never going to be enemies of the West. The Chinese people are not going to, will never, ever invade or occupy the territories of any countries or Western countries. Never, never!”

Miles made a series of statements in which he explained that some 200 families in China, all owned by the CCP, were pulling the strings. It is important to note that this is very similar to the handful of “elite” families that also control the United States.

“They are responsible for committing crimes against the West, trying to lead the West and violently taking over the resources of the West, spreading a virus, other incidents that could happen, as well as those I am announcing today,” Miles states.

“Now the most important thing I’m going to tell you is that we have accurate information. First, PDA is going to try soon, probably late this summer or early this fall, to release another virus.”

The anticipated release of this new virus will coincide with China’s attack on Taiwan, Miles claims. Once this attack is launched and all eyes are on Taiwan, China will attack the United States with biological weapons and possibly other means.

Miles was active in releasing information throughout last year at the time of the first appearance of the Chinese virus, appearing repeatedly in Bannon WarRoom and other U.S.-based programs.

He has offered field reports from China in various ways that are not reported by the U.S. media, although some of his statements should perhaps be taken with disbelief.

Time will tell if the CCP will release another virus, or at least claim that they have done so to try to increase the blockage and increase the general paranoia and fear among the population.

Since it worked great the first time, there is a good chance that whoever is behind all this is sure to try it again. When tyranny works, the tyrants keep reinforcing it until they reach the level of power and control they crave.

“The virus that will be released this time will undoubtedly be more dangerous than the last one,” Miles asserts. “We are told that the PDA will release the virus after the G7 summit in 2021, and it will cause millions of deaths, and hundreds of millions of people around the world will be infected with the new virus.”

“Meanwhile, people from all walks of life around the world are demanding the truth about the pandemic. The CCP is well aware that the truth will eventually be found out by making political deals, bribing or threatening politicians.”