China partially declassified a submarine-hunting drone

China’s military tested an underwater drone designed to search for and destroy enemy submarines more than 10 years ago. According to the South China Morning Post, tests of the underwater drone were partially declassified in a Harbin Engineering University journal.

Chinese scientists, whose team was led by Professor Liang Golong, published details in the university publication about tests of an underwater drone designed to independently search for and destroy submarines. The tests were conducted in 2010 in the waters of the Taiwan Strait.

China’s secretive underwater drone patrolled the area at 10 meters depth and used sonar to detect a target imitating the sound of a submarine. The vehicle fired a torpedo at the target and hit it. It is known that the underwater drone is capable of independently identifying the target, but how exactly it distinguishes enemy submarines from other objects – is not specified. Technical specifications of the apparatus are also not published.

Western experts have suggested that if the drone carries torpedoes on board, then it is an impressive-sized vehicle, reminiscent, for example, of the Orca. We are talking about the American underwater robot, which was created to conduct reconnaissance missions, mines