China prevented WHO from investigating the origin of coronavirus

China denied the World Health Organization (WHO) a request to participate in the investigation into the origin of the coronavirus SARS-COV-2. This was reported in April by Godin Galea, WHO representative in China.

On April 30, on Sky News Gallea indicated that the organization requested access to the investigation in order to understand the circumstances of the emergence of a new type of coronavirus and prevent new epidemics. According to him, WHO has no doubt about the natural origin of the coronavirus, but China also did not provide data on two virological laboratories in Wuhan.

“…The laboratory records should be part of any full report… We know that a national investigation (of China) is already underway, but we were not invited to participate at this stage. The WHO continues to make requests,” said Galea.

April 30, U.S. President Donald Trump said he had information about the creation of the coronavirus in the Chinese Wuhan laboratory. Washington is conducting its own investigation, he said, and it is not yet in a position to release the information.