China supported Russia’s nuclear deterrence strategy

The Chinese authorities support Russia’s nuclear deterrence efforts. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian at a briefing on Wednesday, June 3.

The diplomat noted that Beijing is ready to cooperate with Moscow in the field of universal security. According to him, at the moment there is a difficult situation, which is complicated by unilateral actions of individual states.

“We are ready to contribute together with Russia to the maintenance of peace and stability in the world”.

On the eve Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the basis of the state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence.

The document consists of four sections which are devoted to the essence of nuclear deterrence, conditions of Russia’s transition to the use of nuclear weapons, tasks of state bodies and organizations to implement the nuclear deterrence policy.

Alexander Mikhailov, Director of the Military-Political Analysis Bureau, stated that the presidential decree is aimed at achieving understanding by the potential enemy of the inevitability of retaliation in case of aggression against Russia and/or its allies.