China to supply countries with 2 billion coronavirus vaccines

By the end of this year, China plans to supply other countries with 2 billion vaccines against coronavirus. This was announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping on September 21.

“China will make every effort to supply a total of 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the world by the end of this year,” Xi Jinping said during a speech at the 76th UN General Assembly debate.

In addition, China intends to donate 100 million doses of vaccines to developing countries as aid.

Earlier Tuesday, the U.S. Johns Hopkins University Web site reported that the number of diagnosed cases of coronavirus infection worldwide as of Sept. 21 was 229,081,792.

4,700,015 people have died because of the effects of COVID-19. More than 20 million cases of the disease have been reported in the U.S., India and Brazil.

Earlier, on September 16, it was reported that more than 1 billion people in China had already been fully vaccinated against coronavirus infection. This represents about 70% of the country’s total population.

More than 97% of the adult population in Beijing was fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In Tianjin, about 80% of residents over the age of 12 have been vaccinated. In Shanghai and Zhejiang province the figure is close to 80%. At present, Beijing has no plans to relax the strict restrictions imposed because of the pandemic.

In July at the Asian Economic Forum in Boao (AEFB) it was stated that Russia and China are leaders in developing vaccines against coronavirus infection. This opinion was expressed by the general secretary of the international platform Li Baodong.

Then it became known that Moscow and Beijing maintain close contact in the field of combating the spread of coronavirus infection and vaccine production. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, even before the pandemic, the sides have qualitatively increased educational exchanges, as well as mutual tourist flow.