Chinese authorities abolished fines for having three children

The Chinese authorities have decided to cancel fines and other sanctions for the birth of three children. This is stated in the decision of the State Council of China, published in the agency Xinhua.

“The decision was made to cancel social security contributions and other restrictive measures. Social security contributions have been abolished and provisions for related fines have been revised and annulled,” the document said.

The State Council of China also added that a policy of active measures to stimulate the birth rate will be developed in 2025.

On May 31, it became known that Chinese authorities decided to allow families in the country to have three children. It was announced after a meeting of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee. A statement issued following the meeting noted that the measure was necessary to solve the problem of an aging population.

At the same time, interviewed experts in Asian demography doubted that allowing couples to have three children in China would have a major impact on increasing the birth rate in the world’s most populous country.