Chinese company introduced a display with vision-saving technology

Chinese company TCL at the exhibition of electronics IFA 2020 presented displays with technology that saves eyesight. This is reported by the website PR Newswire.

“The company’s innovative NXTPAPER display technology combined with a reflective screen allows the redirection of natural light, making it the world’s first display with a zero load to the eye,” – said in an article dated September 3.

It is noted that this display technology operates in Full-HD resolution, which provides an image in full color, as on paper, without flickering and harmful blue light.

According to the authors of the material, compared to traditional electronic ink, TCL NXTPAPER has 25% higher contrast for better viewing, and compared to a typical LCD panel TCL NXTPAPER is 36% thinner, which makes the device much lighter.

In addition, the NXTPAPER’s display technology is also 65 percent more energy efficient than a typical LCD display, greatly improving battery performance and overall device battery life.

However, TCL has not yet announced when the first matrix devices will be available on the NXTPAPER.