Chinese experts questioned the truthfulness of U.S. claims of a moon landing because of NASA spacesuits

Chinese experts doubted the truthfulness of statements of the United States about the moon landing. According to the Chinese publication Sohu, the entire American Apollo program could have been a hoax.

The People’s Republic of China has sent to the natural satellite of our planet the Chang’e-4 automatic vehicle, which collects scientific information about the moon. The data obtained by the vehicle led Chinese experts to believe that the U.S. Apollo program, in which U.S. astronauts repeatedly landed on the surface of the moon, may have been a hoax.

Chinese scientists were interested, in particular, in NASA’s spacesuits, which were supposed to protect the human body from extreme temperature fluctuations. There are such significant temperature drops on the Moon that the Chang’e-4 spacecraft has to go into standby mode every now and then. How did the Americans deal with this problem?

It is generally believed that NASA scientists have developed very effective spacesuits for lunar missions, and the problem of temperature drops was solved. But why can’t NASA repeat its own success? Recall that in preparation for the U.S. return to the Moon, NASA had serious difficulties with the creation of new spacesuits, which even caused the mission to be postponed.