Chinese media assess “deadly cars” at Victory Parade in Moscow

At the Victory Parade in Moscow on June 24, Russia not only paid tribute to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, demonstrating rare equipment, but also showed the latest combat vehicles, writes the Chinese publication “Huan Qu Shibao.

The author of the material notes that the parade pleasantly surprised, as it was the first time the general public saw the latest “lethal vehicles”, among which tanks T-90M, T-80B VM and TOS-2 multiple launch rocket launchers.

“The main battle tank, which is called a lethal machine, is the main hero of the Victory Parade in recent years. The first batch of T-90M tanks was adopted by the Western Military District of Russia in April this year”.

The Chinese edition noted the high combat efficiency of the tank and its armament, similar to that installed on T-14 Armat tanks.

In addition, the attention of Chinese journalists was attracted by the TOS-2 systems, the characteristics of which are still very little known.

“The key point of the Victory Parade is also the demonstration of new anti-aircraft defense systems, which include S-350 and Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile systems, K-4386 Typhoon Airborne Armored Vehicle, Derivatsiya-PVO self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery system and Panzer-SM antiaircraft missile-gun system,” the article notes.