Chinese scientists found traces of water in the Moon’s soil

A sample of the lunar surface was delivered to Earth by the Chinese Chang’e-5 spacecraft more than two years ago. Only now Chinese scientists were able to finish the analysis. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Science Advances.

According to the scientists, the soil contains about 121 millionths of water. Scientists believe that water may have formed in the sample due to the solar wind. The results were obtained after spectral analysis of the composition of the soil particles.

It is reported that the spacecraft captured the lunar soil in the Ocean of Storms, which is located on the northern part of the natural satellite of the Earth.

Recall that the spacecraft from China began its mission in late fall 2020, and was on the moon in early winter of that year. The mission probe has performed for two weeks, and by mid-December 2020, he was on Earth, bringing with him 1.7 kilograms of lunar soil samples. The probe was launched aboard a Changcheng-5 launch vehicle from China’s Wenchang Space Center.

Earlier we wrote that experts around the world mistook an ordinary boulder for a mysterious house on the moon. Recall that the Chinese lunar rover Yuytu-2 was responsible for the misinformation.