Chrissy Teigen addressed fans after big online scandal

In late spring, the 35-year-old wife of John Legend was heavily criticized online when users noticed her tweets from 10 years ago. In short posts, Chrissy Teigen insulted other celebrities and even wished one of them dead in private messages. The model apologized, but she was still “canceled” and stripped of her advertising contracts. She recently commented on the situation on Instagram and admitted that she was tired of sitting in the shadows.

Teigen was supported in the comments by fans and celebrity friends, including Alec Baldwin, Paris Hilton and Tessa Holiday. Some advised her to do charity work or volunteer to atone for the sins of the past, and some said that sometimes it’s good to take your mind off of social media and focus on real life. On top of that, Chrissy has someone to take care of: together with her husband, she is raising their 5-year-old daughter Luna and 3-year-old son Miles.