CIA suspected China of trying to blackmail WHO

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) suspects that China tried to prevent the World Health Organization (WHO) from declaring a global health emergency in the early stages of a coronavirus pandemic. Newsweek reports.

According to the CIA report, the content of which, according to the publication, was confirmed by two representatives of U.S. intelligence, China threatened WHO that the country will cease to cooperate with the organization in the study and fight against coronavirus, if an emergency situation is declared. In a dialogue with the publication, U.S. officials said they could not say whether Chinese President Xi Jinping personally participated in blackmailing the WHO.

Last week, Der Spiegel published a report by the German Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesverband) stating that the Chinese leader had allegedly asked WHO Head of WHO Tedros Adanom Hebreius by phone on 21 January to hold on to information about human-to-human transmission and to pull a pandemic warning.

At the same time, January 20, the head of the commission of the State Committee on Health Zhong Nanshan has already said that the virus can be transmitted from person to person.

WHO declared an international emergency on 30 January, about a month after China confirmed the appearance of an unknown pathogen in the city of Wuhan.

Earlier on May 14, U.S. President Donald Trumpza told reporters that he would no doubt consider a draft law prepared by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham. Under the bill “On Responsibility for COVID-19” the U.S. president is invited to impose sanctions if China does not provide a full report on the outbreak of the disease.

In late April, Trump instructed U.S. intelligence agencies to investigate possible collusion between WHO and China. The U.S. president suggested that they may have concealed information about the coronavirus. China rejected these allegations, calling them “absurd”.