Circuses with animals were banned in the Czech Republic

The Lower House of the Czech Parliament passed amendments to the law designed to protect animals from violence in circuses, the Czech publication Ecolist reported.

“In the third reading, the Chamber of Deputies voted for amendments to the law on the protection of animals from cruelty. The proposed changes concerned, in particular, the drafts of wild animals in circuses,” the report says.

It is noted that 66 deputies voted for the amendments to the law, against – 2, abstained – 33.

According to the amendments, the breeding and use of animals in circuses will be excluded for all newborns of all kinds.

The amendments are awaiting the approval of the Senate and the President.

“I am very glad that the Chamber of Deputies took this step. The use of wild animals in circuses really should not take place in the XXI century”, – said the author of the amendment, deputy Frantisek Vaha.

So far, the law in the Czech Republic has prohibited the use of individuals of certain wild animal species born after 2004, namely monkeys, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, pinnipeds and cetaceans, except for dolphins.

According to the poll conducted two years ago, the majority of citizens of the country, 74%, advocated the cessation of using wild animals in circuses.