CNN: the gone Saudi journalist died during interrogation which “went not so”

The authorities of Saudi Arabia intend to declare that the columnist of Washington Post Gamal Khashoggi who was gone after visit of Consulate General of the country died during interrogation which “went not so”.

Saudis prepare the report in which they plan to recognize that the death of the journalist came in the course of interrogation which, according to sources, had to lead to its stealing from Turkey and secret delivery to Saudi Arabia, CNN reports on October 16.

Sources of TV channel claim that though the contents of the report can be still corrected, it is clear today that Khashoggi’s murder was not deliberate. The Saudi authorities note that operation was performed without the permission and “transparency”. It is supposed that guilty persons will be made responsible.

Meanwhile Reuters writes that Saudi Arabia can accuse of the death of the journalist of the intelligence officer. The crown prince approved either conducting interrogation, or Khashoggi’s transportation to Saudi Arabia. The government of the country, most likely, will protect the prince, having accused of the failed mission of the intelligence officer.

Trump threatened Saudi Arabia with “tough punishment” if it becomes clear that the journalist was killed in the territory of consulate, and the European allies demanded to provide “reliable investigation” and to make guilty persons responsible.

The last time of the journalist living in the USA was seen on October 2 when it entered the building of Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul to process documents for a marriage on the Turkish bride. Said to the girl who waited several hours that her groom left. However he did not contact. According to the Turkish media, Apple Watch transferred to the mode of record and synchronized with iPhone which Khashoggi left to the bride was written down by interrogation, tortures and murder of the journalist.


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