Cold hands can be a sign of serious illness

Cold hands in a person always mean vasospasm, but the causes may be different, explained a neurologist .

According to the specialist, the cause may be, for example, an abnormal response to cold or Raynaud’s disease (disturbance of blood flow in the small vessels of the hands and feet. – Ed.).

Also, the expert added, cold hands can mean the body’s reaction to a decrease in pressure or taking medication.

“If for some reason a person’s blood pressure drops, the body thinks that somewhere there is a serious loss of blood. There is a spasm of the vessels of the extremities in order to limit the flow of blood to them, to sacrifice them temporarily. The spasm is strong enough for the hands to become cold,” concluded the expert.

On February 21, the German edition of Focus named the signs of so-called silent thrombosis, which is usually diagnosed at a dangerous stage: difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, problems with blood circulation, sometimes leading to fainting. Signs of common deep leg vein thrombosis remain muscle pain, pain in the calves, cramping, skin changes in the affected area, a “warm leg” feeling.