Congo recorded a new death from Ebola

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a man died of the Ebola virus. This is the first case of infection in the last 50 days, reports the agency Reuters.

A new case of Ebola, was diagnosed with a 26-year-old man in the Beni district, a town in eastern Congo. He was diagnosed with symptoms on March 27 and died in hospital on Thursday.

Authorities planned to announce the end of the Ebola epidemic on Sunday, 12 April. Now all forces of the state are directed to fight the new type of coronavirus. COVID-19 has been confirmed in 215 people, 20 have died. There is also an outbreak of measles in the DRC.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that medical teams on the ground are ready to start fighting a possible new outbreak of Ebola. At the moment, there are two vaccines against the virus.

The epidemic of disease caused by the Ebola virus (EVE) began in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the summer of 2018. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) as at 14 July, there were 2,489 cases, including 1,665 fatal cases.

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