Connecticut resident enters an indoor restaurant and drinks for four days

Connecticut residents illegally entered a restaurant closed due to the pandemic, drinking and stealing 70 bottles of alcohol over a four-day period. This was reported by FOX News on Friday, April 17.

The incident took place in the city of New Haven. Sleeping in the Soul de Cuba Cafe 42-year-old local resident Louis Angel Ortiz was found by the manager of the institution on April 14, who called the police. Arriving law enforcement officers detained the robber already on the street with a bottle of rum.

According to the CCTV footage, the man broke into the premises through a window on Saturday, 11 April.

“Ortiz was found to have been eating restaurant food, drinking hard liquor and beer for four days and taking drinks and property from the restaurant,” police captain Anthony Duff told the local Hartford Courant.

The restaurant’s management estimated the damage to the restaurant at several thousand dollars.

Ortiz has been detained and charged with burglary and theft.