Constructors accidentally discovered a secret medieval tunnel in Wales

While conducting routine excavations to move an underground cable, a team of electrical engineers discovered an ancient tunnel unknown to anyone. Scientists have tentatively dated this tunnel located in the county of Monmouthshire as 900 years old.

It is noteworthy that not far from this place are the ruins of Tintern Abbey, a Gothic monastery founded in 1131. However, the ancient passage was not shown on any of the available maps, nor did the locals know anything about it. Therefore, when during excavations workers stumbled upon something unusual, they thought it was a cellar or a well, especially since such things have been seen before. However, upon further examination it turned out that they managed to find something quite unusual and impressive.

As the experts noted, it may now take years to get more information about this secret tunnel.

It is reported that the tunnel system was hidden under a walkway running parallel to the creek, and apparently people have been walking here for centuries without knowing what was under their feet. It is also known that it was built of brick and is about 1.2 meters high.

Currently, archaeologists are working to establish more information about the tunnel, but have already noted that this tunnel is likely to have been connected with the ruins of the monastery in the area.

As for the laying of the cable, the work has been moved to a slightly different location.